Dec 22
Oct 23
Sep 11

P2M: advanced materials, Swiss precision in detail and… Italian design

An airplane is a fascinating and very complex "creature", a mechanical system that bases its success on functionality, performances, efficiency and reliability. P2M has combined all of these features: Swiss precision in detail and Italian design touch, which make an airplane engine an object of desire. At the Trento airport... read more →
Jul 23

P2M in Trento for “Festivolare 2016”, two flying aviation Days

P2M, the start-up of innovative diesel-electric hybrid power system for aviation, could not miss the appointment with "Festivolare", the popular event hosted at Caproni Airport in Trento to spread not only the passion but also the flight culture in its various forms and share the experiences of the world of... read more →
Jun 21

P2M’s seminar on hybrid engines: focus on reducing consumption

P2M’s participation at the Pavullo’s CAP (Frignano) 2016 meeting went beyond simply showing the engine on the stand: Company’s CEO Marco Marotta held an interesting seminar on the hybrid engine for aeronautical use to which participated dozens of passionate amateur manufacturers and general aviation’s pilots. Constructive technical solutions, performances in... read more →
Jun 13
May 23

P2M’s engines concept was born in Motor Valley

To encourage the development of its innovative diesel-electric propulsion systems, from the very beginning of P2M’s activity, the idea was to collaborate with the leading Italian’s engine engineering experts. A large part of research and development activities relies on partnership with some of the main Italian’s motor companies, concentrated in... read more →
May 05
Apr 28

An agile biplane is the “flying test bench” of P2M’s engines

P2M’s project foresees the creation and diffusion of revolutionary engines aimed at changing the face of aviation as we know it. Reliable diesel engines, suitably adapted for use on general and commercial aircraft can thus be assembled with innovative electric motors, creating advanced hybrid propulsion systems. An agile biplane equipped... read more →
Apr 14

Technology and performance, P2M’s Speed Canard in Friedrichshafen

Innovation at Aero 2016 in Friedrichshafen: numerous aircraft were successfully exhibited both for design and for constructive technical solutions. Among the novelties stand out various alternative propulsion systems, all born with the aim of increasing energy efficiency, reducing consumption and therefore, harmful emissions into the atmosphere. A road traveled from... read more →